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Welcome to Virgin Soap!

My passion for Extra Virgin Olive Oil originated in 2010 when I began studying the trade as a businessman. I become totally fascinated by all the processes that went into the creation of delicious, top quality extra virgin oil. The more I observed the intensive labour and precise timing required in producing a beautiful product, the more discerning I become in my choice of oil.

Today, there is global awareness of the innumerable benefits of olive oil, and my enthusiasm to source the finest quality oil and share it with others has led me to venture into the fragrant world of traditional handmade soaps.

The soaps are unique because they are made from 70% extra virgin olive oil. One can’t help but appreciate the product when you consider the work that goes into the manufacture of the oil. The olives are harvested at the end of November, the best separated by hand and then cold pressed within two days for greater freshness and quality. The first extraction is the extra virgin olive oil which is exquisite in taste, aroma and texture.

It is this valuable ingredient that goes into making our outstanding range of handmade soaps in Turkey. These are luxury, beautifully produced artisan soaps perfumed with natural essential oils and other botanicals, made by a traditional cold process. They are free from toxic chemicals and safe for everyone, including babies or adults with sensitive skin.

My family and I have used these soaps for a few years, as well as massaging our head and skin with olive oil. It is important to know what you are putting on your skin and in your body. I truly believe in wholesome health and vitality from natural foods and skin care as well as the sustainability of our planet through gentle use of resources.

Each bar of soap encapsulates nature and is truly a safe, healing and delightful experience.
If you are interested in stocking our soaps, please get in touch.


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