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How to choose your soap

Choosing from an exciting range of soaps need not be baffling. Whatever your requirements – scented, relaxing, breakouts and skin conditions – we have you covered. Search under the soap categories and each one has various uplifting options you can choose from.

No matter which soap you choose, you can’t go wrong – simply because each one of them contains nothing more sinister than natural oils and nutrients. A high percentage of extra virgin olive oil makes our soaps moisturising at the base level, building up with a choice of heathy essential oils and extracts for particular skin conditions or preferences.


The base ingredients of our cold process soaps are extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, transformed into soap with the addition of sodium hydroxide and water. Read more – Why Soap with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We also use a range of high quality pure essential oils which deliver abundant benefits for mind and body.

Our soaps are full of natural goodness, the ingredients not only give the bars a lovely lather and fragrance but their vitamins and minerals also nourish your skin.

virgin soap gifts


Our delectable handmade soaps make great gifts. For mothers or for a special one, the perfect choices are Vanilla, with its delicious smell; the Rose and Clay or Turkish Bath, with their anti-ageing properties; or sweet smelling Thyme.

For men, the citrus, mint and woody smells are traditionally the scents of choice. Lemon, Eucalyptus and Poppy, Cinnamon and Sage are great picks. Not only are they refreshing but also have anti-infection properties. The shampoo bars are sensible options for those who prefer an all-in-one shower – Nettle, Rosemary and Vanilla to name a few.

And while Clove takes care of the wrinkles, it also has an aphrodisiac effect – a good one to slip into the pressie box for that special man in your life.

Lavender may be regarded as a women’s perfume, but its calming qualities make it ideal for anyone leading a stressful life and lacking sleep. It makes the ideal shaving bar.


While all our soaps are gently nourishing, some have special anti-ageing, detoxifying or exfoliating properties. Lemon and Grape, for instance, are excellent for dark circles and pigmentation. Rosemary and Poppy exfoliate while regenerating the cells. Turkish Coffee is also exfoliating and a fun soap for coffee lovers. The Clay combination soaps are detoxifying, drawing out impurities, but may not be suitable for those with very dry skin. Made from volcanic grey clays, the soaps with this ingredient have the power to balance oily skins as well as help with pimples.

Skin Type and conditions

Most of the soaps are gentle enough to use on all skin types but if you have sensitive skin that is sore after using particular skincare products or prone to breakouts then there are some very good choices. Chamomile and Lavender with its gentle, soothing, anti-infectious and non-invasive action suits babies as well. Linden Flower is another soothing soap which also rejuvenates the skin.

Breakouts, scars and pigmentation can be also helped with Grape Seed, which is soothing at the same time. Peppermint not only makes a refreshing cleansing bar but is a multi-tasker that calms itchy skin and scalp, and is also recommended for achy joints and muscles.

Rose and Red Clay soap is moisturising and clarifying at the same time. It is loaded with beneficial natural chemicals and is suitable for normal and oily skins.

Rosemary and Poppy Seed soap is exfoliating, a rejuvenator that doubles up as a shampoo bar with its action on dandruff and hair loss.


At no time has cleansing been so much on the forefront as it is today.  It is almost a life saver and a preventative. Our large range of antiseptic soaps can serve you best at this time.

Many essential oils have powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and disinfecting attributes.  This feature can be found in a large number of the Virgin Soaps.

Sage, Thyme, Turkish Bath, Lavender, Rosemary, Clove and Eucalyptus all fit the bill beautifully.  As these also come with other complementary features, they are far from boring and practical. If anything, our range is adventurous and its your choice to be likewise!

Disclaimer:  We do not claim to cure any skin or scalp conditions with our soaps.  Vegetable oils, essential oils, and clays are historically known for their beneficial qualities. However, some individuals may have allergies that make them sensitive to the ingredients. Please read the list of ingredients carefully before selecting the soap for you.

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