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Category: Anti infection

Our soaps are good enough to eat and hence suitable for the whole body. But we advice against eating it however delicious looking!

They are made from natural ingredients, with high quality extra virgin olive oil constituting about 70%. They do not undergo any refining process.

The traditional cold press process keeps all the nutrients and aroma intact and prevents the glycerine or oils precipitating out the of soap. The soaps are cured at room temperature for 40 days and kept from high temperatures to retain their fine quality.

They are mindfully crafted by our talented artisan, Esara in Turkey, whose loving energy and attention goes into every bar bringing you a range to choose from according to your taste or skin condition.

The extra virgin oil in the soaps brings you a whole host of benefits such as:
  • Natural healing and hydrating properties for all skins.
  • Antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties; fighting against free radicals, protecting the outer skin from damage; and the oleic acid and polyphenols contributing to glowing, youthful skin.
  • Nourishes the body with vitamins E and A, omega 6 and 3, and carotenes and other nutrients.

Other complementary ingredients such as coconut oil, with a host of nutritive qualities; essential oils with their powerful emotional and physical healing properties; and zesty botanicals such as coffee, lavender or oats all delivering a cleansing experience that is uplifting and genuinely natural.

We hope you will be guided to the soaps that are you! Enjoy!

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extra virgin
from extra virgin
olive oil
sls free
SLS free
paraffin free
paraffin free
100% natural
100% natural
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no animals testing